Potted Blue Spruce Christmas Tree 4ft tall



  • Handsome silvery-blue foliage with very good needle retention
  • Naturally produces a full, bushy tree.
  • Field-Grown and ‘potted’ after lifting.
  • Will provide you with a long-lasting indoor Christmas Tree (please see CARE INSTRUCTIONS below!)
  • Can be planted straight into the garden as a permanent Christmas Tree (please see INFOR,ATION below)


A ‘Potted’ Christmas Tree has spent the vast majority of its life growing in a field where its much easier for the grower to produce a better shaped Christmas Tree at a better value price when compared to Pot Grown trees. These trees are lifted from the field, with part of it’s root-system intact, and potted into a container. The resulting tree will have more than enough roots to ensure its anchored well into the pot (giving the same appearance as a pot grown tree) and will still have the ability to drink water from the compost mix and even potentially have the ability to grow.

It is quite possible that a ‘Potted’ Christmas Tree will successfully transplant straight into the garden (or larger container) as a permanent plant if this is done without placing the tree indoors first. However, we do recognise that most people will want to enjoy these trees indoors. If this is this case, treat your tree the same as a living houseplant and if your aim is to plant it outside afterwards, keep your tree as cool as possible. There are no guarantees that a potted tree will succesfully establish outside after Christmas, especially if kept outdoors first.


We highly recommend keeping your potted Christmas Tree in a cool and light location, away from any direct sources of heat, ie a radiator. Avoid standing on the floor of a room with underfloor heating. Your tree will ‘drink’ water to replace the moisture which transpires from its needles, so it’s essential to keep your tree watered to avoid the compost drying out. Don’t allow your tree to permanently sit in water.

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