Trees for the Garden

There’s a tree literally for any sized garden and they have so much to offer. Whether you’re looking for shelter, screening, shade, a patio or design feature or maybe a home for wildlife, there’s a perfect tree for you.

The vast majority of are sold as container grown trees to give you the freedom of purchasing from a wide selection and planting at any time of year. Most of our trees that we stock are aimed at small to medium sized gardens, including several that can be grown in large pots.

Our Top Twelve Trees

Whilst Green Pastures stocks a wide choice of species and varieties of garden trees, we’ve picked our top twelve suggestions for a small to medium sized garden.

Amelanchier lamarkii (Snowy Mespilus)

A small and very easy to grow tree that’s adored by wildlife! The Amelanchier may be small, but has so much to offer. The show kicks off with a magnificent display of white flowers in early spring (greatly appreciated by pollinating insects) followed by attractive copper foliage that later turns green. Small red berries provide a feast for the birds in summer with a final display in autumn with an impressive show of orange and red foliage. 4m

Amelanchier lamarkii (Snowy Mespilus)
Betula utilis “Jaquemontii” (Himalayan Birch)

Understandably a hugely popular tree with its startling white bark. A relatively fast growing tree that’s rather upright in habit so it won’t grow you out of house and home! Grow on its own as specimen tree or in groups where you can create a dramatic effect with its shining bark! 7-12m tall

Betula utilis “Jaquemontii” (Himalayan Birch)
Carpininus betulus “Frans Fontaine” (Upright Hornbeam)

A narrow and upright Hornbeam variety which grows into compact and highly architectural pyramid shape. Its “crinkly” green leaves turn orange in autumn. This easy to grow tree grows in most soil types including poor soils. 10m

Betula albosinensis “Fascination” (Chinese Red Birch)

A twist on the popular “Jaquemontii”. Another birch with highly attractive white bark that peels to reveal beautiful deep red, orange and cinnamon tones underneath. Long brown catkins in spring followed by glossy green leaves which turn yellow in the autumn. 7-12m

Catalpa bignonoides “Aurea” (Golden Indian Bean Tree)

A slower growing tree (that we therefore often sell as a shrub too) but very definitely well worth the wait! With its stunning large fresh heart shaped golden leaves held beautifully on a spreading tree that will grow little more than around 15ft tall. Grow in full sun for the best foliage colour and to enjoy its orchid-like flowers in summer. 5m

Cercis canadensis “Red Force” (Eastern Red Bud)

A new variety and a magnificent upright small tree (although technically we sell it here as a shrub!) that eventually reaches 5m tall. Much prized for its beautiful reddish-purple heart shaped leaves, proceeded by clusters of pink flowers in spring. Likes a sunny position and well-drained soil. 5m

Cercis canadensis “Red Force” (Eastern Red Bud)
Crateagus laevigata “Flore Pleno” (Hawthorn)

A tough yet beautiful tree that thrives in all soils and even the most exposed of locations. Despite its very robust nature, hawthorns (and we normally stock a selection of varieties) look truly beautiful when they burst into colour in May. Red berries follow in the autumn. 4m

Gleditsia tricanthos “Sunburst” (Honey Locust)

Another stunning golden leaved tree with beautiful colour and a charming character. Its delicate fern-like foliage is beautifully arranged along its branches that grow into a spreading canopy with that brilliant lime yellow colour turning green later in the summer). Prefers a sunny site. 6-10m

(Crab Apple)

With so many different beautiful crab apples to choose from we just couldn’t choose just one! Many of the crab apples we stock will have plentiful crops of small fruits (you can make a delicious jelly from them!) and several of the boost attractive colourful foliage too but they all treat the garden to a spectacular display of “apple blossom” in springtime. There’s also a very practical side to crab apples as they also act as very effective pollinators for eating and cooking apples too! Thrives in heavy soils.

Prunus Shirofugen
(Japanese Flowering Cherry)

This is one of many flowering cherries whose blossom we all admire every spring. Few other trees can rival flowering cherries for their full-on flower power and Shirofugen is without doubt one of the best. Its brances are packed with frilly white / blush pink flowers in April / May which are then followed by attractive young coppery bronze foliage which then departs with a good show of orange and red in the autumn. Does best in free draining soils. 6m

Prunus Kiku Shidare Sakura (Cheals Weeping Cherry)

A tree that’s fortunately much easier on the eye than its clumsy name! The Cheals Weeping Flowering Cherry is ideal for the small garden as its height can easily be dictated by staking and tying. Like other Japanese flowering cherries, this variety is smothered in frilly double pink blooms in spring. Approx 3m

Prunus Kiku Shidare Sakura (Cheals Weeping Cherry)
Salix integra Hakuro Nishiki (Flamingo Willow)

A small colourful tree, ideal for growing in pots. Small, compact, colourful leaves and easy to grow, this variegated willow ticks all the boxes! From the moment they emerge, “The Flamingo’s” spectacular pink leaves make this plant a picture. Give it a trim two or three times and year and keep it fed with slow release fertiliser and the colourful new shoots will keep on coming! 2-3m

Salix integra Hakuro Nishiki (Flamingo Willow)

Bareroot Trees

We are pleased to offer a small range of larger “bare-root trees” for planting in the winter. We highly recommend ordering these in advance to ensure availability. Please call contact a member of our plant centre team and we will be pleased to assist you.
Our Bare-Root Tree Range Includes;

Delivery Service

The majority container grown trees rarely exceed 8ft tall when sold in the garden centre and so will transport home in most cars quite easily. We do however offer a local delivery service if required.

Westland Tree & Shrub Planting & Potting Mix

Whether you’re going to be growing your new tree directly in the garden soil or into a large container, we highly recommend Westland Tree and Shrub Planting & Potting Mix to give it the very best start in life.

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