Fruit Trees & Bushes

Fruit Trees

Our fruit tree season in the garden centre begins in the winter with a wide selection of locally grown trees on a selection of rootstocks (which govern the ultimate size of the tree) wherever possible. The best time to choose a fruit tree is therefore the winter / spring and we welcome advance orders before the new winter stocks arrive.

Apple Trees

The majority of our apples are sold on M27 dwarfing rootstocks which restricts the tree to a height of approximately 7ft, making them ideal for growing in containers. The remainder are sold on MM106 rootstocks which produce a bigger and much more productive tree for those with more space. Our range of apple varieties cover a range of tastes and ripening times. The apples to reach their full cropping potential they will need planting in the vicinity of another different apple variety which flowers at the same time. These are called pollinating partners. Crab Apples also make great pollinators for apples. Our knowledgably staff can advise you further on this.
Family Apple Trees
“Family Apple Trees” are a number of different varieties of apple all combined on one single tree. These are a great way to save space if you only have room for one tree and all the varieties on each tree will pollinate each other too.
Espalier Trained Pear Tree

Pear Trees

Pears are sold on a Quince A rootstock which allows the tree to grow to a height of 10-14ft. Choose “Conference” for a self-fertile tree requiring no pollinating partner or choose a Family Pear Tree with 3 varieties on the same tree.

Cherry Trees

We recommend “Stella Compact” as an east to grow dessert cherry with a lovely sweet flavour although, like our fruit trees, we can supply other varieties in the winter if ordered earlier in the year. Stella is to a great extent self-fertile. Supplied on a COLT rootstock which means this compact form should grow no more than 12ft tall but it can be restricted with pruning to nearly half that height.

Plum Trees & Gages

These are our favourite fruits to pick fresh from the tree and most of us locals here can remember the days when surrounding orchards and hedgerows were laden with greengages and plums. Explore the different varieties and you won’t be disappointed (you may have to order a few months ahead though). You’re most likely to find “Victoria” in stock in the garden centre on a St Julien A rootstock (grows to 12-15ft tall) and a Pixie rootstock (grows to 8ft tall).

Fan & Espalier Trained Trees

If you have a sunny south or west facing wall, a fan or espalier trained tree will make a very productive feature whilst taking up very little garden space. We only stock these trees in limited quantities and highly recommend ordering in advance before new winter stocks arrive. Apples and pears are supplied in espalier form. Cherries, plums, peaches and nectarines are supplied fan trained.

Fruit Bushes

Few things in gardening can be as rewarding as harvesting your own berries and soft fruit straight from the garden. Green Pastures stocks a variety of fruit bushes and plants for as much of the year as possible with the optimum period being late autumn to spring for most of our range.

Blueberry Plants

Despite most UK soils being highly unsuitable for growing blueberries, they’re fortunately very easy to grow in containers (providing you pot them in Ericaceous compost) and are thus one of our most popular fruits. For the highest yield, grow two or more different varieties in the same garden to maximise pollination. Our blueberries are sold in containers and are generally available for most of the year.

Strawberry Plants

Our strawberry plants are available in the spring in small pots/packs. We normally offer a selection of early, mid-season, late season and perpetual cropping varieties to give as a long a harvest season as possible.

Raspberry Canes

Raspberries are normally sold as bare-root “canes” in bundles that have been potted to keep them fresh. For this reason, they are normally only available late autumn to early spring and the canes should be split up and planted out individually when you get them home. We normally offer a chouse of varieties including “autumn fruiting” raspberries.

More Berries, Currants & Other Fruits

We offer the following fruits as pot grown and containerised plants for a large part of the year;

As the stocks of fruit trees and bushes varies throughout year we welcome enquiries regarding availability and placing advance orders.

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