Bedding Plants

Traditionally used for filling up large flower beds with full-on seasonal colour, bedding plants have a much different use in the garden these days. With patio gardening all the rage, bedding plants offer the perfect solution for decorating the garden with quickly maturing seasonal displays and here at Green Pastures we offer a wide selection for as much of the year as possible to keep the colour coming!

Available from Mid-August to late October and late February to April. For more information please click here.

Summer Bedding and Hanging Basket Plants

Available from April to June, including our extensive range of homegrown basket plant.
As an alternative to planting your own, why not take advantage of our bespoke basket planting service using our very best bedding and basket plants. Bring us your empty baskets (or we can use new ones) in the spring or early autumn; we will plant them up according to your specific requirements and then nurture them until they’re ready to make an instant display!
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