Green Pastures Plant Centre

Green Pastures is a down to earth family run plant centre Bergh Apton, South Norfolk, just ten minutes drive from Norwich. We are dedicated to providing a warm welcome, sound advice and beautiful plants!

Friendly Expert Plant Advice

Although plants are our profession, our business is all about people and as beautiful as our plants may be, they can’t always sell themselves.

Buying plants should always be a pleasure, whether that be through good old-fashioned service or having the benefit of a professional horticulturist to guide you with a few words of wisdom, so our experienced team are always on hand to help you. Our team may be small, but we DO know our onions (and our lupins and our foxgloves)!), so please don’t be afraid to use us!

Top Quality Plants

If there’s one thing we love more than our plants, its hearing how much our customers love them! We’re constantly congratulated on our plant quality which is the result of many years experience sourcing the very best plant stock (most of our growers are local or regional) and hands-on love and care.

All our plants are hand watered (no unreliable sprinkler systems in sight!) by highly skilled staff and we follow regular plant maintenance regimes to keep them in tip-top condition.

Plant Shopping Made Easy!

Green Pastures Plant Centre has been designed purely with our customers in mind to make your experience both easy and enjoyable. You’ll find most of our plants displayed in two distinct areas, depending upon your needs. If you have a particular situation in mind that you need to find a plant for, “Plants for Places” quickly takes you to what you need so you can easily choose the right plant for the job. We also recognise that many customers have no idea what they may want until they see it, so we constantly showcase our most topical plants in beautiful displays to fire your imagination.

Wide Choice of Plants

Whilst we do stock other garden related products, being a “Plant Centre” our emphasis is very much on plants, allowing us to focus on providing our customer with a wide selection of plant choices. We pride ourselves on quality nursery fresh plant stock, so our availability is seasonally led, but we will always be happy to obtain out of stock plants for you wherever possible.

Homegrown Specialities

You can’t get plants any more local than homegrown on the premises. Each spring we grow a comprehensive range of plants for hanging baskets and containers, including surfinias, fuchsias, geraniums, verbenas and many more. Each year we plant and grow over 1,000 hanging baskets for our customers who use our bespoke hanging basket planting service.

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