Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Flowering bulbs make a fantastic investment for the garden. With each individual bulb costing just a few pence each, and returning year after year with blazing colour in exchange for barely any of your time and trouble, spring bulbs are a real no-brainer! Just a little foresight is all that’s required, buying your bulbs whilst probably still in your summer shorts and planting for a display of blooms potentially 8 months ahead.
Our spring flowering bulb range contains over 100 different varieties to choose from at its peak every year. Here’s a summary of some of the most popular bulbs that we offer, mostly available from late August to Oct / Nov.


“first flowers of the year”
One of the very first flowers to appear in the new year, the snow drop is one of the very first signs that spring won’t be too far away! Snowdrops are the perfect bulb for naturalising in the garden in informal drifts, along with aconites which can then be flowed by crocus and daffodils. Normally available in packs of 10 and 25.


“early colour”
You really know spring’s on the way when greeted with swaths of brightly coloured crocus. Choose from white, yellow, blue, purple and cream or a whole mixture of all of them if you prefer! Available as loose “choose your own” or bulk packs of 60.


“perfect for naturalising"
Synonymous with spring, the cheery daffodil simply cannot fail to lift the spirits with a sudden fanfare of flowers. If you’re looking to make an impact in a large area, turn to daffodils. “Choose your own” loose bulbs from a choice of twelve varieties, or pick up one of our bigger mixed or “Golden Trumpet” value nets or sacks available in several sizes.


“perfection in miniature!”
Simply small daffodils, narcissi have an irresistible charm all of their own. Grow these miniature beauties in the same way as their bigger brothers in the garden, or perhaps them closer to home in a raised bed on the patio and they will also look beautiful in your container displays. As Narcissi are so popular, we sell them in many different ways from loose “choose your own” bulbs to packets and large mixed nets.


“all the colours of the rainbow"
We struggle to think of any other plant that can bring same presence and diversity of colour than the tulip. Available in every colour of the rainbow, the display that tulips can provide can be a real showstopper. Traditionally tulip is the queen of border displays partnering bedding plants such as forget-me-nots and wallflowers, but when combined with mixed plantings of bedding, perennials, grasses and other species of bulbs in patio containers, they will create a most memorable feature. Tulips come in many different heights as well as colours and our range has them all covered. Normally available as loose “choose your own” and in packets.


“bringing the garden indoors”
Fill your home with the heavenly scent of hyacinths. Hyacinths are the perfect bulb for potting in bowls for an indoor display in the winter. We sell “prepared” bulbs which have been chilled to trigger earlier flowering; generally planting by the end of September should see them flowering by Christmas. We sell all our Hyacinth bulbs as loose “choose your own” bulbs.

Perfect Partners for Bedding Plants

Many spring flowering bulbs partner very successfully with bedding plants to create colourful multi-layered displays. Click here for more information about our autumn, winter and spring bedding plants.

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