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Compost, Soil Improvers & Bark

Clover Multi - Purpose Compost

Our long-standing best-selling compost and highly recommended for seed sowing, potting containers and hanging baskets. Used extensively for our own growing at Green Pastures.

Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost

A premium multi-purpose compost rich in peat and enriched with seaweed. Perfect for seed sowing, potting on and for filling beds, borders and containers.

Clover John Innes Enriched Multi-Purpose Compost

A high-quality multi-purpose soil and peat-based compost with increased water holding capacity and nutrient retention. Suitable for bedding plants, pot plants and shrubs.

New Horizon All Plant Peat Free Compost

The market leading peat free and organic general-purpose compost, suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden.

Tree & Shrub Planting & Potting Mix

The ideal compost for planting trees and shrubs in the garden or in containers. Contains a 6-month feed and specially formulated to promote faster establishment and reduce transplanting stress.

Rose Planting & Potting Mix

Specially blended to provide the ideal medium for all types of roses. Contains a 6-month feed with added sulphur and zinc complex to build immunity against pest and diseases.

Clover Rhododendron, Azalea & Camellia (Ericaceous) Compost

Contains all the essential nutrients, trace elements and a wetting agent, pH adjusted for lime hating plants.

Clover John Innes No2

A traditionally formulated John Innes soil-based compost for potting on bedding and vegetable plants.

Westland John Innes No3 Mature Plant Compost

A soil-based compost rich in nutrients for hungry plants including shrubs. Includes a 4-month feed.

Clover Grow Bag

A quality full size growing bag containing all the nutrients required to grow a wide range of edible and ornamental crops.

Soil Conditioners & Lawn Dressings

Gro-Sure Farm Yard Manure

A great soil conditioner, rich organic matter suitable for mulching and planting. Highly recommended when planting trees, shrubs and roses in conjunction with a planting compost.

The Gardeners Soil Conditioner

A natural source of humous which revitalises tired soils and improves nutrient retention. Ideal for improving soil structure in sandy soils and draining in heavy soils.

Lawn & Turf Dressing

A blend of fine sieved loam, peat and sand with added fertiliser to nourish and feed the lawn. Use to repair bare spots, hollows or bumps in an existing lawn or use as base for sowing or turfing a new one. This can also be used as a universal top dressing to improve root structure and draining of the lawn.

Westland Top Soil

A specially selected and graded rich loam with no stones or debris which provides the perfect finish. Use all around the garden for topping up beds, soil improvement and lawn repairs / levelling.

Irish Moss Peat

High quality sphagnum moss peat for compost making, soil improvement and lawn dressing.


Landscape Bark

30-50mm large bark chips for maximum coverage and best value. Ideal for covering pathways and large borders.

Bed & Border Chipped Bark

20-30mm mid-sized chips for finishing planted beds and borders. Provides a clean natural background for displaying plants against.

Decorative Mini Bark

8-20mm mini chips, specially screened for a highly decorative finish. Ideal for use in containers and small decorative borders.

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