Supporting Local Norfolk Food Producers

When you buy your food from a local farm shop like Green Pastures, you’re not just feeding your family, you’re playing an important role by buying into the whole Norfolk food industry and your local community. Norfolk (and Suffolk too!) is blessed with some amazing artisan food and drink producers, most of whom you’d never ever discover at a supermarket and we’re incredibly proud to support them through our Norfolk farm shop.

Please explore our many food pages (coming soon) with our farm shop section of our website and discover many of Norfolk’s (and some of Suffolk’s!) wonderful food producers and products. Meanwhile let us tell you about some of the wonderful ways you can support them when you buy local!

Norfolk HarFest at Norwich Cathedral
Norfolk Food Heroes
Paul Bloomfield

Support Your Local Economy

Money you spend on locally produced food helps more local people. They in turn will spend more money locally and so your £’s will have a much greater impact on the local community.

Support Local Farmers

Buying from farm shops and farmers markets ensures you are supporting local food producers and less middle-men. You will help them stay in business and employ local people.

You Get the Best and Freshest Food

Pop some peas fresh from the pod or maybe some freshly picked sweetcorn, all harvested that very morning. From the moment its picked, the sugar in sweetcorn turns to starch and the older it is the more starchy it gets. Freshest really is best for flavour!

Reduce Food Miles

Research shows that buying locally sourced food from a farm shop you reduce the amount of carbon emissions associated with distribution by up to 99.8%

Reduce Packaging

Unnecessary packaging accounts for a high proportion of waste. Buying from farm shops and farmers markets and you buy less paper, cardboard and plastic.

Reduce Waste

Supermarkets reject much food because it is the wrong shape, size or colour but it may be perfectly good food. Enjoy food how nature intended it by buying from a farm shop.

Try Something New

People in the local food industry love being creative and enjoy bringing you new flavours. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of new tastes there are waiting to be discovered here on your doorstep. Just try rare breed meats or the different varieties of strawberries as the season progresses for tastes that you simply cant get at the supermarkets.

Meet Nice People

Its much more fun to buy your food from a familiar face who will go out of their way to help you, rather than handing your hard earned cash over to a different stranger each week.

Keep the Countryside Beautiful

Supporting local farmers will ensure the local landscape is in good hands.

Best Ingredients and Great Value

Great chefs know that great meals start with the best quality ingredients. Many are great fans of farm shops, farmers markets and PYO. Buying direct offers good value for money.

Local Food Has Been Made with Love & Care

Most farm shop produce comes from smaller farmers and producers who really do love food and care about what they do.

Apple Bee Apiary
Breckland Orchard
St Giles Gin
Robert our Potato & Brassica Grower
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