Green Pastures Home-Baked
“Take-Home” Pies, Quiches and Cakes

In addition to baking for our Gardeners Kitchen Restaurant, our talented Green Pastures Chefs produce a mouth-watering selection of homemade foods for you to enjoy at home.
All our Green Pastures Take-Home foods are created with the same love and care as our restaurant dishes using locally sourced Norfolk and Suffolk ingredients wherever possible.

Home Baked Pies

Our Green Pastures homemade pies are created by our own chefs in our Gardeners Kitchen. All pie fillings are homemade from scratch, generously portioned and made using fresh locally sourced (whenever possible) meat and vegetables. Pies are then baked here in our ovens, ready for you to re-heat and serve at home. Green Pastures Pies are available in 2 sizes, Single Serve and and Family Size.

As variety is the spice of life, our homemade pie selection will vary from day to day, with the following options often available; Beef & Onion, Chicken & Mushroom, Steak Ale & Mushroom and Turkey & Stuffing.

Judy’s Homemade Cakes

Green Pastures homemade cakes, lovingly baked by Judy, our very own Gardeners Kitchen Baker, need little introduction! Baked using Judy’s personal closely guarded recipes, using Wheatacre Farm’s fresh whole milk and free-range eggs, our home-baked cakes capture that true “Baked by Mum” taste.

Availability will vary day to day, but will often include;

Homemade Norfolk Quiches

Created with the same love and care as our pies, Green Pastures homemade quiches are lavished with local ingredients. The perfect quiche starts with farm-fresh milk and free-range eggs; both of which are delivered to our kitchen six days a week from nearby Wheatacre Farm here in South Norfolk. Our chefs create a range of fillings using fresh ingredients from our farm shop such as Lane Farm bacon, Green Pastures Homegrown Asparagus and Norfolk cherry tomatoes whenever in season.

Green Pastures homemade quiches are perfect for a light lunch, evening buffet, a picnic or even a grab and go lunch on the move. Available in 2 sizes; Single Serve and Family Size. Flavours will vary on the day, usually including; Lorraine, Cheese & Tomato and Broccoli & Blue Cheese.

Green Pastures Homemade Sausage Rolls

A perfect treat any time of day, our homemade sausage rolls are freshly baked in our kitchen for our farm shop every morning. Generously filled with tasty Lane Farm Suffolk Sausage meat, you certainly won’t feel changed on quantity, quality or flavour.
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