Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables have always been the king-pin of our Norfolk based farm shop with our farming and market gardening roots here in Bergh Apton going back many generations.

In addition to our homegrown crops, we source as much local Norfolk and Suffolk grown produce as we can, often directly from the growers themselves.

Summer Strawberries

It would be unthinkable to have a summer without fresh strawberries! In years gone by this area was a hotbed of strawberry production and we are pleased to still bring you the true taste of fresh Norfolk Strawberries with deliveries coming in to us six days a week from May to September.

Norfolk Blueberries

Not a crop normally associated with being grown commercially in this country, Norfolk is extremely lucky to be home to Fairgreen Farm, one of the UK’s few blueberry growers. Visit us in July and August for fresh juicy Norfolk grown Blueberries and stock up your freezer!

Autumn Apples

Starting with the “Discovery” Apple with its delicate taste of Strawberries, our English apple season then gets in full swing with Worcester Pearmain, Early Windsor, Royal Gala and of course Cox’s Orange Pippin all featuring from September onwards. And don’t forget to grab some Bramleys to make a delicious autumnal crumble or pie!

Victorias; Queen of Plums

Another bygone crop of Bergh Apton but far from forgotten these days. The plum season begins with sweet greengages in July, perfect for jam making and then shortly followed by a succession of plum varieties in August and September including everyone’s favourite, Victoria!

The True Taste of Tomatoes

You haven’t tasted a tomato until you’ve tasted a fresh local tomato. The Norfolk Tomato season begins as early as May and what better time could there be to enjoy these sweet fruits than when those initial sunny summer days begin to appear. Most of our tomatoes are grown without any pesticides on the Meale family nursery near Stalham who supply us with cherry, plum, salad and vine varieties.

Asparagus; THE king of Spring!

You know spring has really well and truly arrived when the spears of Asparagus break their fresh succulent tips above ground!

April sees the arrival of the first Norfolk grown Asparagus bundles which we sell until the end of the harvest season on “the shortest day” in late June.

Squeaky-Fresh Sprouts, Kale & Brassicas

You know your greens are really fresh when they literally squeak at you when you handle them! (Go on, try it!) There’s absolutely no comparison between fresh local greens and those on the supermarket shelf. When is season, we source our greens directly from our network of Norfolk growers including homegrown crops on our very farm. And don’t miss our Sprout Stalks at Christmas, almost as essential as the turkey!

Super-Sweet Sweetcorn

This is another taste sensation that everyone should experience! You’ll never ever look at prepacked imported corn again once you’ve tasted truly fresh local sweetcorn on the cob! The first day of Norfolk sweetcorn in early August can never come quick enough for us as we await the first harvest from our good friend “Nick the Leek” who grows specially selected sugar enhanced “super-sweet” varieties for the ultimate sweet flavour.

Potatoes; Much More than Just a Spud!

With the potato being such a key ingredient in our every day cooking, its worth making that little bit more effort to seek out the very best. There are many potato varieties commonly grown by British farmers these days with each one having its own unique characteristics and the savvy cook can take advantage of this by matching the dish with the best spud for the job. Our Norfolk potato season commences in June with Early “Norfolk Peer” New Potatoes from Heygate Farms near Swaffham which makes an awesome potato salad. These are followed in August by Wilja’s, one of the tastiest of all potatoes (try it for mash by the way!) and the first variety harvested by our main potato grower Robert Cook from Ingham. From September right through to spring Robert supplies us with most of our potato varieties which between cover a multitude of uses in the kitchen. Buy potatoes in 25kg sacks during the main potato season for the very best value with smaller bags also available.

Pumpkins and Squashes

Our home grown pumpkins and squashes are the highlight of our autumn when Green Pastures becomes a spectacular sea of orange! Explore the very different range and tastes of squashes with our diverse selection of different varieties, all grown on our own farm.

Fresh Fruit & Veg Boxes

If you trust us to know our onions, why not let us pick your fruit and veg for you? Order a Fresh Produce Box for delivery (or collection) and we will pick the very best selection of seasonal fruit and veg from the days selection so you receive the very best quality, value and tastes with all the hard work taken care of for you!

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