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Home Baking has seen a massive increase in popularity very recently, especially in our little patch of Norfolk, and Green Pastures Farm Shop stocks a wide range of high quality and speciality flours and baking ingredients to cater for all your requirements. Whether your baking your own homemade bread, treating yourself to some oven fresh scones or celebrating with a cake, we have everything you need.

Letheringsett Watermill
Norfolk Flours

Letheringsett Watermill in North Norfolk is the only watermill in Norfolk still producing flour. We are proud to stock their wide variety of premium quality flours, so no matter what you’re baking you can find just the right ingredient for the job!

Bread Winner

(a white flour for bread-making or for general purpose use)


(ideal for bread-making. Makes a light soft granary loaf)


(Ideal for French sticks or baguettes)

Self-Raising White

(Ideal for sponge / cake making)

Golden Jewel

(A pastry flour blended with maize flour to give a lovely golden finish)


(for making pasta but can also be used for making bread)

Plain White

(for biscuits, pastry etc. Can be made into self-raising by adding baking powder)

100% Whole Wheat Stone-Ground Spelt

(makes a lovely brown loaf with a lovely nutty texture and also makes a loaf that doesn’t crumble. Suits some wheat sensitive and gluten sensitive people)

Stone-Ground White Spelt

(traditionally separated white flour, with all the goodness of a brown. Will make a pale brown / yellow loaf as flour is not bleached or treated. Ideal for bread making, muffins, pancakes and heavy cakes (not suitable for sponges))

100% Whole Wheat Stone-Ground

(bread making flour)

Stone-Ground White

(See “Stone-ground white spelt”)

Stone-Ground Special Blend

(Refined, made specially for bread making machines. Makes a lovely light brown loaf with a nice rise)

Soda Bread

Stone-Ground Dark Rye

(Makes a heavy continental loaf, excellent for feeding sourdough starters)

Stone-Ground Light Rye

(makes a heavy continental loaf)

Other Flours

Baking Essentials

Dried Fruits, Nuts and Seeds

Chopped Dates, Sultanas, Jumbo Golden Sultanas, Cranberries, Currants, Raisins, Jumbo Apricots, Flaked Almonds, Ground Almonds, Desiccated Coconut, Crystallised Ginger, Pumpkin Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Breadmaking Seed Mix, Walnuts, Pecan Halves, Glace Cherries.

Local Free-Range Eggs

Free-range eggs from the nearby Burrough’s family farm in Aldeby, are delivered to Green Pastures six days a week so you can always be sure of fresh Norfolk eggs for your baking!

Please note, products on this page are normally kept in stock, but please be aware that availability can vary day to day.

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