Dairy & Eggs

Local Milk & Cream Delivered Direct from the Farm

Our full fat and semi skimmed milk is produced just 14 miles on the Burroughs family farm at Aldeby near Beccles. Delivered to us by the farmers themselves, straight after the morning’s milking six days a week, you can be sure that your milk is as fresh as it possibly could be. The farm’s herd of over 400 cows ensure we can never run dry of their delicious creamy milk and in return they are treated to grazing on the open marshes surrounded by the River Waveney.

The Creamiest Cream

And whilst we’re big fans of the Burrough’s milk, we’re even bigger fans of their Raw Cream; you really haven’t tasted cream until you try this!

Free Range Norfolk Eggs

We’re not only looked after by the Burrough’s large herd of cows, but by their chickens too! As free-range chickens they can spend their days wandering around the 30 acres that they are given on the farm which is a mixtures of grass fi elds and woodlands. They also love to find the puddles when rain comes too! Along with the milk, fresh eggs are delivered to Green Pastures direct from the Burroughs farm 6 days a week.

“Double Yolker” Eggs

There’s normally less than a one in a thousand chance of finding a double-yolker egg, but at Green Pastures you’ll normally find trays and trays of them! Normally the product of young hens at the very start of laying, our double-yolkers from Newton St Faiths near Norwich provide a great talking point, especially as part of your fry-up. Use them just like a normal egg and they are great for an extra special omelette or scrambled egg.

Norfolk & Suffolk Cheeses

Norfolk is the home of some wonderful cheeses and we stock a tasty cross-section from a number of local artisan cheesemakers.
Baron Bigod (Fen Farm Dairy, Bungay)

A true farmhouse creamy Brie made on the farm by the farmer with raw milk.

Binham Blue (Mrs Temple’s, Wighton, near Wells)

A soft veined blue cheese, loved by our own Gardeners Kitchen chefs!

Copy’s Cloud (Mrs Temple’s, Wighton)

A brie-style cheese made from the milk of Brown Swiss cows.

Norfolk Dapple (Ferndale Farmhouse, Little Barningham)

An un-pasteurised cloth-bound hard cheese with a dappled rind.

Norfolk Mardler (Fielding Cottage, Honingham)

Eight week matured creamy goats’ cheese

Smoked Norfolk Dapple (Ferndale Farmhouse)

A smoked Norfolk Dapple

Walsingham (Mrs Temple’s, Wighton)

Described as a cross between Wensleydale and Cheddar.

Wells Alpine (Mrs Temple’s, Wighton)

A supple mountain type cheese which takes 6 months to mature.

Wensum White (Fielding Cottage, Honingham)

Brie-style goat’s cheese

Cheeses from Further Afield..

In addition to our local cheeses, our farm shop normally stocks the following…
Mellow, Mature & Vintage Cheddar
Red Leicester
Black Bomber
Vegan Cheese Block
Also in our dairy fridge, we stock Crème Fraiche, Clotted Cream, Greek Yogurt, Natural Yogurt and small pots of fruit flavoured yogurts.
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