Your Favourite Norwich Farm Shop

Farm Shop

Just ten minutes drive from the City, Green Pastures Farm Shop Norwich is one of Norfolk’s greatest little farm shops. Come and discover what fresh produce really tastes like, either fresh from our own family farm or from our network of Norfolk and Suffolk farmers and food producers.

Green Pastures Farm Shop offers a real alternative to the supermarkets for your everyday needs; “Real food produced and served by real people!” Our home grown crops are on the farm shop shelves only moments after harvesting on our fields and we work day and night to obtain the freshest produce direct from our growers. Norfolk and Suffolk boasts a wealth of unique food producers, each with their own little story and our extensive product range celebrates the very best of our local produce.

Our large range of local products include fruit, vegetables, fresh and cooked meats, bread, cakes, pies, snacks, confectionery, milk, eggs (including fabulous “double-yokers”), ice cream, oils and dressings, sauces, rice, pasta, flour, baking products and more! You really don’t need to visit the supermarkets quite so often and you can do your bit in supporting the local economy!

Norfolk Farm Fresh Fruit and Veg!

We believe your broccoli should be so fresh that it crunches, that your cabbages should “Squeak” with the morning dew and your tomatoes should boast that unmistakable “fresh from the greenhouse” aroma! Here on our third generation Norfolk farm we use small scale growing methods so we can literally handpick the very best of the crops exclusively for our farm shop and get them onto the shelf in moments rather than hours. Among our crops you’ll find some unusual specialties too, including our famous Gourmet Salad Leaves. We really think you’ll find our produce to be some of the very best around!

Celebrate the Seasons

At Green Pastures Farm Shop Norwich, we love to celebrate the seasonality of food and our offering continually evolves with Mother Nature! Among the many highlights of spring, we yearn for the succulent spears of the Asparagus crop, shortly followed by the first of our fresh crispy salad mixes. Strawberries are always the star of the summer, with the super-sweet sweetcorn not far behind. In autumn we’re swamped with squashes and tender sprouting broccoli rewards us before the winter is out.

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