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Planting at Green Pastures Plant Nursery Norwich

 Green Pastures Plant Nursery Norwich

Our Plant Nursery; Growing Exclusively for our Plant Centre!

Forget the shiny baubles and tropical fish, Green Pastures is how a garden centre should be, with its very own plant nursery, growing its very own plants! The nursery is how Green Pastures began, and today it remains an essential part of our business raising many of the plants we sell, right here on the site!

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green pastures plant nursery norwich grew this enormous surfinia basket

A Green Pastures Homegrown Surfinia Basket


Homegrown Specialities

Over the years, Green Pastures Nursery has developed a stunning line up of specialties among its crops, in its bid to provide something a little different to the larger garden centres.

We are famed most for our hanging baskets, whether they be fully grown “ready to go” or the several hundred refills we plant and grow for our customers year after year! Supporting these are the thousands of patio and basket plants that we grow for our customers who still prefer planting their own.

Not only has our plant nursery become an essential part of our plant centre, it’s a wonderful asset to our farm shop too. To compliment the exciting range of vegetables and salads available in our farm shop, we grow an impressive selection of plants, for customers to grow their own food!


growing perennials at green pastures plant nursery norwich

A Heuchera plug ready for potting

Nursery Fresh Perennial Plants

All gardeners love perennial plants and so do we! Every year we experiment with growing more and more new plant varieties that we’ve never grown before, ensuring that even our most frequent plant centre visitors have something different to see!

Pictured to the right in a young Heuchera beginning its life on Green Pastures Nursery, as a young rooted “plug plant” ready for potting. Our expert plant centre team pot up all our plants by hand, giving us not only an even greater understanding of them, but we have 100% control over every process, ensuring the end product is of the highest possible standard.

Our list of homegrown perennials increases greatly each year. Our most popular crop is Heucheras, a durable yet very fashionable family of evergreens suitable for pots or borders. We’ve even seen them in hanging baskets!

Other perennials grown on our plant nursery include Coreopsis, Cosmos, Dahlias, Echinacea, Lavenders, Penstemon,  Salvias and Verbascum,

plant nursery norwich green pastures grows novelty petunia plants

Petunia Queen Bee


Novelty Petunias

Petunias are without doubt our most popular summer container plant and we just can’t stop experimenting with new and unusual colours and varieties.

Black (or very, very dark purple!) is very hip in the plant world right now, be it from foliage or from flowers. Petunia “Queen Bee” has proved to be a massive hit and we found it was perfect when combined in containers with dark and biscuit coloured heucheras.

Striped Petunias are also very much in vogue right now, particularly in brighter colours such as purple and new to Green Pastures this year, cerise pink.

We also grow a beautiful range of double flowered trailing petunias. Like most of these “novelty” types, they are good strong growers but still a little less vigorous than surfinia petunias.


growing basket plants

 Hanging Basket Plants

Spring time sees our nursery literally packed with tray after tray of young basket plants. From early March our polytunnels turn into a hive of activity as we frantically pot and label thousands of plug plants.

Within a few short weeks these rooted cuttings have developed into potfulls of strong young plants of very carefully selected varieties that will bring months of colour to the patios of Norwich and Norfolk.

Our range includes fuchsias, geraniums, petunias, verbena, callibrachoa, torenia, nemesia, diascia, bacopa and many many more.


Salad Bpwl

Green Pastures Vegetable Plant Nursery Norwich

 Vegetable Plants and Salad Bowls

Another role of our plant nursery is to raise plants for us to grow on and sell as crops in the farm shop. Every week during the spring and summer we sow and prick out a wide range of vegetable and salad plants.

As we love to experiment with new things we’ve developed a unique collection of mixed salad and herb trays following a variety of themes, for instance “cut and come again” or “hot and spicy”.

Check out our Instant Salad Bowls, packed with a carefully selected mixture of cut and come again salad leaves which will provide many weeks of fresh salads from your doorstep!