Our Pick of the Roses

Our Pick of The Roses

Our new season’s collection of rose bushes is now in stock in the Plant Centre and ready for planting. This year we’ve sourced all our roses from two of the best rose growers in the country, the world-famous David Austin Roses and Wharton’s Roses from right here in Norfolk. With so many top varieties in their repertoire we just couldn’t go wrong when selecting our range and we are so excited with our choices we thought we’d share some of them with you!

David Austin rose images above supplied by David Austin Roses.  All other images supplied by Whartons Roses.


“Eye of the Tiger” (Wildly Fashionable)

This new variety is from the “persica” group of roses which is fast emerging as the latest fashion. Simplicity is the attraction with this group of single “wild” rose style flowers although as the name suggests, Eye of the Tiger is no shy and retiring rose with its bright yellow blooms beautifully finished with a bright orange centre making this a very eye-catching plant. Flowers are borne in great numbers all summer long and are very popular with bees and other pollinating insects. You won’t have any trouble growing this colourful new rose either; as persicas are very tough and disease resistant. Whilst Eye of the Tiger normally grows as a compact shrub rose, we have it on great authority that Eye of the Tiger can also be very successfully trained into a miniature climber for the patio.

“Emily Bronte” (Brand New David Austin Introduction)

An exceptionally beautiful rose and the newest from the late David Austin’s world famous breeding programme of “New English Shrub Roses”. The soft pink / apricot blooms are described as boasting a “strong tea fragrance, becoming more old-rose, with delicious hints of lemon and grapefruit”, sounding more like a fine wine than a rose!

“Mum in a Million” (More than just a gift!)

An enormously sought-after Hybrid Tea Rose. Also known as “Millie”, Mum in a Million is not only a popular gift, it’s a brilliant performer in the garden too. Highly fragrant pink blooms are borne continuously throughout the summer on strong healthy stems which makes it a great cut flower too.

Climbing “Scent from Heaven” (Rose of the Year 2017)

With so many brilliant new roses being introduced each year it’s no mean feat to the one newcomer crowned with the coveted “Rose of the Year” title. The first thing about “Scent from Heaven” to strike you is its gorgeous orange flushed salmon colour, buts its only when you grow it for yourself do you realise exactly why it’s a real winner. Its highly scented blooms are borne continuously and are full of the most delicious fruity fragrance for all to enjoy and like all good modern roses it’s exceptionally disease resistant too.

Purple Sky Liner (Ticks all the Boxes for a Shady Wall!)

Exceptional blue and purple varieties are very few and far between in the rose world and even more scarce when we’re talking climbing roses. Since its introduction, Purple Skyliner has proven to be a brilliant performer giving gardeners an excellent option to cover their wall or fence with a rose of this colour. This repeat flowering climber will even successfully grow on a North facing wall where many other roses would fail and a height of just 8 feet means it’s a viable option for containers too.

“The Mill on the Floss” (Another David Austin Newcomer)

Our second of this year’s introductions from David Austin typifies what we believe his New English Roses are all about. Highly distinctive, deeply cupped, “old fashioned” style blooms, with a sweet fruity fragrance, with the performance and disease resistance of a modern rose bush, are why you should seriously consider devoting garden space to this gorgeous new rose.


These are just a few of our wonderful roses we stock here at Green Pastures. If you’d like to know more about these, or indeed any of the other roses that we may have in stock, please don’t hesitate to call our Plant Centre on 01508 480734

(please note the above varieties of roses are in stock at the time of writing but can change at any time!)


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