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Our Norfolk Food and Drink Producers

Meet the Norfolk Food and Drink producers, along with their wares, who we are proud to have as suppliers to Green Pastures Farm Shop. Every producer has their own very special “food story” to tell, so why not look them up and learn more about the fabulous produce that the fine county of Norfolk has to offer.



Brays Cottage Pork Pies

Sarah has become one of our most well known Norfolk food producers and her pork pies really are to die for! James hated pork pies until he tasted one of hers and now he’s hooked! From her small farm in North Norfolk she seems to have created what many have hailed the “perfect pork pie” and we’re not going to argue with that! We’re in good company too, with her pies receiving a rave reviews from Giles Coran of the The Times and her pies have won a number of awards for their superb taste. Most recently Sarah was involved in a “Pie Project” with TV Chef  Heston Blumenthal!



 Applebee Orchard and Apiary

Runny and set honey produced just 2 villages away from Green Pastures in Rockland St. Mary by John and Ruth Everett

Chillis Galore

Chilli jellies, relishes and sauces produced by Richard (Wilf) and Kathy of Norwich, from plants grown in their own home and garden.


Breckland Orchard

Breckland Orchard

We’ve always felt a close affinity to Breckland Orchard, as founder Claire Martinsen launched the business at the very same time that James and Michelle re-launched the new look Green Pastures. A former executive for a large corporate chocolate manufacturer, Claire decided to follow her dreams and start her own business.

Affectionately known as “Posh Pop”, Breckland Orchard’s Watton’s produced sparkling soft drinks include flavours for all occasions including Cloudy Lemonade, Ginger Beer with Chilli, Strawberry and Rhubarb and Dandelion and Burdock to name just a few.

Gathered In Preserves

A new range of wonderfully quirky preserves and fruit cheeses created by Will and Ruth Stewart, Trowse. Very different and very delicious!

Gnaw Chocolate

Born in our neighboring village of Brooke, this “Gnawfolk” handcrafted range of chocolate bars, buttons and choc shots looks as good as it tastes! Gnaw Chocolate was launched by Teri and Matt Legon in 2011, quickly taking the Norfolk food scene by storm, scooping the EDP’s Best New Business Award in 2012.

Goulborns of Bedingham

Tucked away on the Norfolk / Suffolk border, Nick and Shirley Goulborn are very busy bakers! Based alongside their family home, their bakery produces a wide range of shortcrust pies, quiches, casseroles, tarts, sausage rolls and cookies; wherever possible using ingredients which they source from their fellow farmers market producers.

Linzers Bakery

Since Andrew and Susan Bell launched Linzers in Norwich twenty years ago, they are now the largest independent bakery in Norfolk. They produce over 100 unique product lines and deliver fresh bread to Green Pastures most days of the week.


letheringsett watermill

 Letheringsett Watermill

An award winning tourist attraction from North Norfolk, Letheringsett Watermill is Norfolk’s only working watermill. Restored by the late Mike Thurlow and his wife Marion, the mill is a living is a tribute to the 500+ watermills that once graced our county and is open for tours on weekday afternoons where you can see the flour being made before your eyes.

The highly acclaimed and extensive range of Letheringsett flours include Spelt, Wholewheat Stone Ground, Breadwinner Strong White, Golden Jewel Pastry Flour and Manitoba Pasta / Bread Flour.




JanetPeachey’s Preserves

Janet Peachey launched her business making and selling preserves in 2004 after reading about small food producers in Country Life Magazine. She has a keen interest in cooking and gardening so her venture is the perfect combination. Her secret is fresh local ingredients; apples, plums and soft from her parents garden as well as herbs and blackberries from her own garden in Pulham Market. She makes all her preserves in small batches and is a regular face at local farmers markets where Prince Charles took particular interest in her produce in Southwold.




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