Green Pastures Home Grown Norfolk Salad

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Green Pastures Gourmet Norfolk Salads

Fresh home grown Norfolk salad bags at Green Pastures Farm Shop

“A Real Foodie’s Discovery!”

Come and discover Green Pastures Homegrown Norfolk Salads and you’ll discover something truly amazing. We’ve taken the bag of mass produced limp, lifeless and boring supermarket salad and completely re-invented it into an exciting and unique mixture of fresh, tasty leaves, herbs and even flowers all grown right here on the farm, exclusively for our farm shop!

Up to 40 Ingredients in 1 Salad Bag!

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Green Pastures Homegrown Salads is the enormous variety of ingredients we include! Our moto is “It’s About the Mix”;  from february to October we grow over sixty unique crops and varieties to keep our mixes fueled with as much of a range of colours, flavours and textures all through the growing seasons. With so many ingredients coming and going as the season’s progress, no two weeks are ever the same and indeed almost every harvest and bag we create is different from the next due to the huge variety involved!


Green Pastures gourmet salad grown in Norfolk

What’s in a Green Pastures Gourmet Salad?

Just a few of our ingredients;

Lettuce; Many forms and varieties!

Chards; A rainbow of colours!

Spinach; Very good for you!

Rocket; Every salad needs a bite!

Mustard; For a bit more kick!

Pea & Bean Shoots; Truly delicious!

Edible Flowers; including Nasturtiums, Violas and Pot Marigolds!


Dozens of Ingredients. Zero Food Miles!

Unlike a supermarket salad, every step of a Green Pastures Norfolk Grown Salad, from sowing to selling, is taken right here on the premises! And considering the enormous range of salad leaves, herbs and edible flowers that we include in our bags, that’ts quite some feat! Our salad story starts with selecting what to grow! We love to experiment, and we’re constantly adding something new to the mix and trialing different varieties so our growing is just as much a discovery as is the eating!

Each and every stage of our salad growing takes place literally within a stone’s throw from our farm shop! From February to September we are constantly seed sowing, pricking out seedlings, taking cuttings and planting. All these activities are carried out within our Plant Centre, utilising our poly tunnels and raised beds which our customers love to come and inspect to gain some inspiration!

You’ll Never Want to Buy a Supermarket Salad Again!

Because everything happens within yards of our farm shop, harvested leaves arrive on the shelf within moments rather than days! To further maximise freshness, we choose our harvesting times carefully, normally first thing in the morning when the quality of the leaves are at their peak. The race is then on for our tiny team of Norfolk Salad Growers to mix, rinse and bag all our ingredients so we can stock our fridges as quickly as we can. Unlike “production line salads” we employ no mechanised, harvesting, handling, washing or bagging processes; everything we do is performed by hand giving us total control on the finished product. Although we aren’t organic salad growers, we do not use chemicals in any stage of growing and bagging.

Smell the Herbs!

As soon as you open a bag of Green Pastures Gourmet Salad, the difference will bombard you in the nostrils! Not only do we think a salad should taste great, we believe it should smell fantastic too! Alongside all the leaves we grow a considerable variety of herbs specifically for our salads which introduce some simply amazing aromas so you simply can’t wait to get stuck in!


Green Pastures Homegrown Norfolk Salads are only available to buy through our farm shop. Generally they are available from May to October although please bear in mind we are at the mercy of the British climate so this may vary slightly!

We offer our salad in two options;

Garden Salad Mix  Fresh, crunchy and delicious leaves normally including lettuce, endive, mustards, spinach, rocket, oriental leaves, chards and pea shoots!

Gourmet Salad Mix  The ultimate salad dining experience! Includes all the ingredients of the Garden Salad with even more baby leaves, herbs and more than often edible flowers too! Up to 40 ingredients in each bag!

(please note availability and ingredients will vary according to the season and weather conditions)