Fresh Norfolk Grown Christmas Trees, Norwich

Tree with Frost

Fresh Norfolk Grown Christmas Trees in Norwich

Decorated Christmas Tree

For one of the best selection of Christmas Trees Norwich and South Norfolk, come to Green Pastures! From Friday 29th November we will have a fantastic choice of fresh-cut, premium grade Christmas trees for you to choose from, right here in our garden centre just outside Norwich.

Christmas Trees Grown Just Down The Road from Norwich

We take exactly the same level of pride in our Christmas trees as we do with any of our plant stock. Many of our Christmas trees are grown locally near Norwich in  Norfolk. The Green Pastures team visits our Christmas tree grower and we individually hand pick all our Norway Spruce trees before harvesting, ensuring we only have the very best quality trees on the farm!

Large selection of Christmas Trees in Norwich

Green Pastures Christmas Trees, Norwich

Fun and Enjoyable Christmas Tree Shopping near Norwich!

Buying your family Christmas tree should be fun and not a chore! We are ready and waiting to give you a helping hand and make your visit as easy and enjoyable as possible. We can help you select your tree, wrap it and carry it to your car.  Our multi-award winning restaurant makes a perfect retreat with underfloor heating and even a play corner for little ones! Round off your trip with a visit to our farm shop, packed with more yummy treats!

Christmas Tree Delivery Service for Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk

If your eye is bigger than your car-space, we will be pleased to deliver your tree for you if you live in the Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk area.  We also welcome telephone orders for customers not able to visit us personally. A modest delivery charge will apply; please ask us for details.

We select Christmas Trees in our grower’s field.

Norway Spruce

The Norway has long been the UK’s traditional Christmas tree, and for good reason. A well grown Norway Spruce proudly boasts that classic, conical “Christmas–tree shape” packed with full bushy branches with beautiful green needles giving off that unmistakable Christmassy aroma which many of us remember from our childhoods.  Because our  Christmas trees are grown just down the road near Norwich in Norfolk we can ensure they’re super-fresh to last as long as possible in your home.

Nordman Fir

For the very best needle retention, choose the Nordman Fir Christmas tree! Nature has designed the Nordman to cope with dry conditions (a bit like your living room!) and therefore gave it thick waxy needles that retain moisture for longer, which means less needles on your carpet! Nordman Christmas trees are normally broad and bushy, so are ideal to fill a large space, but we can usually find our customers a slimmer one if that’s what you’re looking for!

Nordman Christmas Trees Norwich

One of the biggest selection of Christmas Trees in Norwich

Extra-large Christmas Trees

Looking for a particularly big Christmas tree for your home, community or commercial property? We can supply large trees (up to 12ft) to fill those extra big spaces! Please contact us for current availability.

Christmas Tree Care

Looking after your cut Christmas tree correctly can be just as important as choosing the right one in the first place. Do it correctly and your tree will be a thing of beauty, no messing!

Imagine your Christmas tree as a cut flower. Just as your bunch of carnations need water to prevent them wilting straight away, your tree needs it too! Firstly you’ll need to make a fresh cut at the base as the original one has probably started the healing process already. Cutting the bottom inch or two off the base of your tree just before its stood in water will allow it to “drink”, replacing the water lost through its needles into the dry atmosphere.

James With Christmas Tree Stands

Christmas Tree Stands

A Christmas tree stand provides the easiest solution to supporting and watering your tree. We have four sizes in stock this year and we can advise you on the correct one to suit the size of your tree.   The largest stand will take up to a 10 foot tree, prices start at £19.99.  All of our stands will ensure that your tree stays upright and can be kept watered throughout the festive season.

Potted Christmas Trees from Norwich

Potted and containerised Christmas Trees

Potted Christmas Trees

For smaller spaces or convenience we offer a selection of pot grown and containerised Christmas Trees.

A pot grown Christmas tree has spent all its life in a container so has all its roots intact, so if you’re looking for a tree to grow year after year, this is for you!

Containerised Christmas trees have been grown in the field and lifted, with only minimal roots intact, so are unlikely to survive in the long term but they do offer great convenience and value for money.

Call us on 01508 480734 if you have any questions that we haven’t been able to answer here!