What to buy a Gardener for Christmas?

Burgon & Ball WeedsliceWeedslice Garden Hoe £24.95

Every garden (well, almost every garden) has weeds, so every garden could use a Weedslice from Burgon and Ball.  If you’ve ever used one you’ll know just how much of a pleasure they are to use (even for a hoe!) and how efficient they are to operate. A small unique arrow style head makes the Weedslice extremely manoeuvrable, ensuring you can be really accurate in tight spots, whilst its double-sided blade makes it twice as efficient as a traditional hoe. Our best-selling garden tool for the last two years running!

Click here to watch Weedslice in action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWkpOlqwlMU


Sentry Shed £195Sentry Sheds

Great gardeners know the value of storing their kit wisely to ensure it’s both safe but also accessible too. The rickety shed down the bottom of the garden isn’t always the best home for your prize tools, so how about the latest on-trend garden accessory, the Sentry Shed. Not only do they look the business, they’re really practical too so you can now keep your most needed tools and sundries right outside your back door whilst adding an attractive feature at the same time. And if you can’t decide what colour to get, you can even go for a collection!!!  Available flat-packed or ready assembled.


Kneelo Knee PadsKneelo Knee Pads from Burgon and Ball £14.95

Another stroke of design genius from Burgon and Ball! Any gardener who needs to get down on their knees would love you for bringing a pair of these into their life! James and Luke both use these all the time when growing and harvesting in the polytunnels and raised beds here at Green Pastures and they swear by them. Not only do they look very stylish (very important to our boys!) they are super comfortable being manufactured from memory foam.  James always says it’s just like kneeling on a portable pillow!


Santa with David Austin Roses

Why not say it with flowers?! What better living gift could there be than a beautiful David Austin Rose bush that will fill your loved ones garden with colour and scent for years to come. Bred by Davis Austin, the “New English” series of roses have captured the classic beauty of old fashioned blooms of yesteryear with modern-day reliability and performance, creating the perfect combination. A selection of David Austin’s Bush and Climbing New English Roses are available from Green Pastures.


Santa with Bug HotelWildlife Lodges and Insect Hotels from £9.99

Wildlife plays a crucial role in the garden with just as many friends for the gardener as well as foes. There are so many birds and insects that are essential allies for pest control or pollination that it makes complete sense to encourage them. Pollinating insects come in all manner of shapes and sizes and their habitats vary equally as much. Purpose designed Insect Hotels offer the ideal abode for many different species and won’t look out of place in any part of the garden.

Gardener’s Hamper from £17.99

Our homemade hampers, put together by our very own hands here at Green Pastures, contain all kinds of gardening goodies from seeds to sundries. Unlike other hampers, our hampers are made by gardeners for gardeners.  You can choose from “ones we’ve made earlier” or the Green Pastures team are always delighted to produce bespoke hampers at no extra cost!

Santa with Jigsaw PuzzleJigsaw Puzzles £10.99

With so many cold and wet days at this time of year the armchair can be a much more inviting proposition than the veg plot and there’s only so many times you can thumb through the new season’s seed catalogue! Jigsaw puzzles are perfect for occupying itchy green fingers during the winter months and are growing in popularity all the time. At Green Pastures we’ve included plenty of Horticultural designs among our collection of both 500 and 1000 piece puzzles.

Green Pastures Gift VoucherGreen Pastures Gift Vouchers (any value)

With so many different plants and products available in a garden centre these days, a gift voucher can give the recipient a huge amount of options. Gardeners definitely love vouchers and adore coming in to browse all the plants, seeds and equipment before making their choices. National Garden Gift Vouchers give the opportunity to spend at garden centres up and down the country but Green Pastures Gift Vouchers, which can also be used in our Farm Shop and The Gardeners Kitchen Restaurant, are the biggest hit of all with our customers! How about partnering some gardening gift vouchers with a Green Pastures Afternoon Tea for 2 Voucher (£22) for the ultimate gardener’s shopping trip!

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