Action Stations in the Plant Nursery

We grow all our own hanging basket plants here on our nursery, including surfinias, fuchsias, geraniums, “million bells”, verbena and much, much more.  Our polytunnels are packed with thousands of beautiful, healthy, young plants ready to be tucked into their containers in time for the sunny, warm days to come.


The next job for us will be to plant up the hundreds of pre-filled hanging baskets that we sell every year.  We love seeing and hearing about how these brighten up your gardens and provide so much colour and pleasure the whole summer long.  Each basket is filled with top quality compost, slow release feed and moisture retaining gel to ensure that the plants have an excellent growing environment.


And while all that”s happening, we will also be casino online filling all kinds of hanging baskets and containers that our customers bring in to us.  Last year we took in over 500 baskets and pots, all of which were lovingly filled, grown on and returned to their owners once they were ready!  If you want us to do the same for you this year, just bring them in to us and ask us to work our magic…!

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